This site presents the COMENIUS multilateral school partnership - Different Cultures on European Stage

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This site presents the COMENIUS multilateral school partnership
"Different Cultures on European Stage"

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Theatre is the face of the cultures seen alive to audiences. Seeing the play is like living it, being in it and looking at it from the window related to the subject. We imagined plays performed by our students from eight different countries and every play which is prepared and put on stage during the project meeting, is about the culture of the host country. Thinking of the children as our future, makes today responsibilities more focused. We have to provide them with the best possibilities to develop, but also face them with social realities, even aspects that they are away from, the cultures and the way of life of their peers abroad. For a better future we need to develop consciousness for tolerance among children. We believe it starts with developing students' increased awareness that includes children abroad,communities&their cultures.

As the partners of this project, we observe our students' needs to be supported because of their lack of opportunities for international interaction, emergence of anti-social lifestyle, lack of participation in multiple events, lack of self-confidence and self-expression skills development. Theatre is our central focus to work around for improving their spirit of participation, socialization, development of tolerance, teamwork, positive contribution to the development of personality. The students will improve their artistic skills by acting in the theatre plays, their literature&writing skills by writing the scripts, ICT skills by recording&editing videos and language skills by using English both in writing scripts&performing. The scripts will be written by the students and these plays will be recorded to send to other schools in the region, local authorities, the Directorate of National Education, and will be also shared on EST database.

Logo of the LLP
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